We asked hundreds of couples who are engaged, married, and those in long term relationship about the pros and cons of living together before marriage. It may have been a taboo topic when your parents and grandparents were younger and preparing for their marriages, but these days it doesn’t seem like a topic that is […]

Living Together Before Marriage Is No Longer Taboo According To Couples


Hey there my friend! You’re most likely searching around for all the ins and outs about first looks! Well, sit back and know you’re in the right hands… I’ll tell you all thing that I know, so that your big first look moments can be captured perfectly. As a photographer for over 15 years, I […]

Wedding Talk: How to achieve the best FIRST LOOK!


It’s vital that during these uncertain times, as a photographer, we start thinking outside of the box on ways we can obtain revenue for our businesses that will allow us to ride the waves.  Here are four ways to earn revenue during quarantine! Couples are postponing weddings and reschedule photo sessions, but people are looking […]

4 Ways For Photographers To Earn Revenue During Covid-19

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