Consume It. Don’t Abuse It! #LimitConsumption

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Mar 18, 2020

Consume It. Don’t Abuse It! 

During this time it’s incredibly important that we do not over consume precious resources such as electricity, food, fuel, and other commonly used resources.


Residential Usage Of Electricity To Increase During Quarantine 

Before Covid-19 residential consumers used 20% of electricity in the United States. While Industrial use was 32%, Transpiration use was 29%, and Commercial was 18%. It is projected that residential usage will spike considerably during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Many utilities are concerned that up to 40% of their employees could be out sick, quarantined, or at home to take care or sick family during this pandemic. Southern California Edison – has 8k of 13k employees working from home.

What Happens If We Over Consume!

If the utility companies are seeing 40% of their workforce sick and/or quarantined already – we can expect to see the same or more for other types of industries. 

Similar to the summer months, when Southern California has rolling blackout due to over consumption of electricity – we face the same types of strain on the grid during times like this. With families being quarantined and using electricity all day and night that isn’t typically consumed – residential consumers also run the risk of receiving extremely large power bills.


Here are 3 Pro Tip to Help You Consume It, Not Abuse It! 

  1. Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances when you’re not in the room or when they are not being used. 
  2. Reprogram your pool pump to the middle of the night and run it on lower speeds for longer periods of time. 
  3. Lower your consumption during high peak times which are estimated to be during the day during this period of quarantine. 


Consume Responsibly!

We have already seen how consumers have depleted stores online and within heavily populated communities of commonly used products. It’s important that we as a society take a step back and realize we need to make some changes. It’s vital that we take measures to limit our consumption of all consumables so that we are creating a more sustainable approach to this fluid situation. 


I’d love for you to share this blog post and/or the graphic with your friends and family. We need to work together during this time and spread knowledge that will help us all get through this.

This Is Not Just A Cause, It’s A Movement! 

Use #LimitConsumption to show your supportive and solidarity!




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