4 Reasons To Hire A Social Media Photographer

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Sep 27, 2019

Hey there my friend! Have you been searching the internet for photographs for your brand to use on social media, newsletters, product catalogs, and blogs only to find that stock images just don’t really cut it?

I’ll tell you why most stock images aren’t popping off the page for you and why you’re not saying “yes that’s my brand”… it’s easy… because they aren’t a true representation of your actual brand.

While stock photography can fill the gasp, you need to ask yourself this one questions: Is the stock images I’m finding make a personal connection with my followers and potential clients?

Having a social media photographer can help your online presence in so many ways… personal connection being one of those ways. It’s important for your clients to connect to not only the products and services you’re providing but they need to connect personally with YOU!


1- You currently have an online presence or you’re working on growing one.

Personal connection with your followers on social media is key, daily photos and videos help with this.

2- If your social feed is mainly selfies and random photos.

If taking photos of your products or getting photos that represent you and your brand feels more like a chore and you know your time could and should be spent on other areas of your business, hire a photographer. Because let’s be real, creating content and taking photos does take way more time than it should from your daily tasks. I also offer help with full social media content creation too!

3- You offer online education AND/OR are a service-based business.

The person looking to hire you and buy your content will be looking to trust you. Make a positive first impression that stands out. Build a personal connection from the start.

4- Your Instagram and Facebook analytics show that people engage with photos with YOU.

Let’s face it, those selfies are fun, but it’s time to show what you’re really made of.


When you hire me to be your social media photographer, I will be brainstorm and come up with the best ways to feature you, your products and services. I want you to have photos that will grab your audience attention and that also build engagement.

Let’s set up a social media brainstorm session!
– Heather


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