5 Easy Tips To Updating Your Visual Branding

Visual Branding

Oct 12, 2018

Hey there friendpreneur 🙋!!

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve hit Google to search for ways to improve something about your business.  Maybe it’s how to post engagement social media content, or maybe you’ve been searching for ways to come off as less stuff and more personal!

Are you ready to figure out what “Visual Branding” is really about? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you are ready to create a strong and commanding presence online!  It’s really important for you to feel as confident about how you look,  as you feel about the work you do.

For most business owners, it’s about creating financial independence. This is directly related to building a brand you are passionate about and a product that your clients and future clients can feel a part of.

Alright … let’s go ahead and get started … after all if you’re this far into the blog you’ve come way to far to turn back now.

Creating YOUR visual brand

Myth: Your brand is about your logo and/or your website design  
Truth: It’s not about your logo and/or your website design (well, unless it’s dreadful, we will need to chat about that!)

Myth: Branding is about all the colors you use.
Truth: Branding is about building trust.

The first steps of visual branding, actually start with a consistent message, in words, followed by visuals that support the brand voice. With a consistent message + consistent visuals, your customers and clients begin to recognize and trust you.

For example, I cleared my daily wardrobe of everything besides black, white, blush, and grey.  Why is a totally different blog, I’ll come back to that another time.  So the fact that I only wear those colors,  doesn’t mean that it is my brand. Rather, it’s part of the overall experience that people come to expect from me. If my clients got used to seeing me in black, white, and blush and all of a sudden I showed up wearing bright, bold patterns my clients would feel confused about your brand (even subconsciously).

Remember any visuals you create need to offer a cohesive + consistent message.

It’s Time To Make Small Changes For A BIG Impact!

Don’t panic, even if your visual brand needs some help, this is not the time to feel the need to change EVERYTHING overnight. Check out these 5 Easy Tips To Updating Your Visual.  You’ll see how super easy tweaks will have your online presence making a big impact with minimal effort.

Step 1: Ready, Set, Leave Your Mark
If you are sending emails without a signature line and a photo, you’ve been missing out on the opportunity to make a personal visual connection. Easily create a signature using this handy “Email Signature Generate” from HubSpot! (you can thank me later)

Step 2: Be Personal
Use the same headshot across ALL social media channels. I’m not talking about the selfie you took the other night when you were all dressed up and ready to go mingle. So, please ditch the selfie and poorly lite photos. Putting your face +name out there for everyone to see helps create the visual brand consistency that you need to keep the personal connection alive.

Step 3: It’s Time To Clean House
Alright my friendpreneur, that old MySpace account is hurting you! It’s honestly time to go ahead and get it archived and deleted ASAP! I’m serious, yes DELETE it.  How many jobs do you have listed on Facebook right now? #1: It’s time to purge it to the jobs that matter. #2: Please make sure your current business is listed and linked properly – I’m seeing far too many business owners who aren’t linking to their own businesses and it’s crazy to me! Stop hiding. All social accounts should lead back to who you are NOW, not who you were then. Which reminds me …. don’t forget to update your LinkedIn profile – yes people still actively use it!

Step 4: Visual Testimonials
Display testimonials prominently, especially if they’re from clients you have recently worked with and potential influencers.  Once you have confirmed with your client/customer that they are satisfied with the services you’ve provided, ask for a testimonial from them. Not just any kind, but a video! Video testimonials are watched 45% more than written testimonials are read. Pose with the happy customer, that’s right – get that selfie game on point. Take a photo with your happy customer. Have them tell you why they’d recommend you and use it as a quote. Then post that photo + testimonial on social media and tag them.

Step 5: Consistency is Key!
Visual branding is all about being visually consistent.  I’m talking from your social media posts to the images you’re using in your blog posts.  Choosing images that have a similar look and feel, and I don’t just mean filter, will serve its purpose and help you build brand awareness. Fonts are also extremely important, pick 2-3 fonts and use them across ALL media. I’m talking the same font for your website, social posts, and blog posts.  Don’t forget to stay true to your brand colors too! You’ll also want to make sure that your brand voice stays consistent,  make sure your words aren’t random. Does everything look and feel like your brand? If not, scrap it!

The best advice I can give to you is … “Do what feels like YOU!” You’ll be unstoppable once you strip away anything that doesn’t feel 100% like YOU.

If you need help with headshots and visual branding images that represent your brand, hit me up! Drop me an email or complete my inquiry form.

Happy branding friendpreneur (it’s ok, you can use the word, it’s awesome right!?)

Much love and respect,


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